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Doctors Accept Liens (DAL) connects attorneys with quality doctors who provide healthcare and treatment services on a lien basis. DAL is a doctor owned organization that understands the importance of proper documentation and reports for personal injury attorneys and their clients. Each doctor in our network is pre-screened to ensure top quality physicians that prepare their cases for the possibility of litigation in the future.

Doctors in our network include:

Orthopedic surgeons – Neurosurgeons -Neurologists – Pain Management Specialists – Chiropractors – Physical therapist – Acupuncturist- Imaging Centers – Pharmacists- Etc.

There are an estimated 5.25 million car accidents a year in the United States. Many times due to adrenaline after an accident people can have little to no symptoms, so they fail to present for a proper medical evaluation due to the fact that they are not aware many of these traumatic injuries are prone to worsening with time if left untreated. Many times people are concerned they will have to pay out of pocket for treatment after an accident because they are not aware there are quality physicians who will work on a lien basis. Doctors accept liens helps to remove this hurdle and allows patients to receive proper care after an accident or injury.

Regardless of the type of injury or amount of property damage call or email DAL at to find out what resources we have available and how we can help.